Peppermint Oil

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Essential oils should always be diluted with a carrier before applying them to the skin.
100% Pure and natural oil
Size: 10ml
Product description:
Peppermint dates back to the Ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans with their usage for its medicinal
and flavouring properties. Peppermint is a hybrid of spearmint and water mint. It only came into
general use in the medicine of Western Europe about the middle of the eighteenth century, and then
was first used in England. Peppermint Essential Oil has been used historically in aromatherapy to
address a multitude of health concerns. Not only a re-energizing scent, Peppermint Oil can give your
skin, body and mind a well-needed boost
1. Relieve muscle and joint pain.
2. Provide sinus relief and other respiratory benefits.
3. Provide seasonal allergy relief.
4. Increase energy and improve exercise performance.
5. Alleviate headaches.
6. Improve IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) symptoms.
7. Freshen breath and support oral health.
8. Promote hair growth and reduce dandruff.
9. Relieve itchiness.
10. Repel bugs naturally.
11. Reduce nausea.
12. Improve colic symptoms.
13. Improve skin health.
14. Provide sunburn protection and relief
Directions of use:
1. Uplifting, Energizing, and Alerting Effect: Add about 5 drops of peppermint oil to a diffuser for an energizing
scent that easily fills the room. You may even find yourself starting to breathe easier! OR drink 1-2 drops with
a glass of water.
2. Cooking: It is an incredible, natural way to get not only peppermint oil benefits, but also a great minty touch
to dishes.
You can also add it to Smoothies or Drinks: Add a drop in your water or two drops in a smoothie, pure
peppermint oil can really give a refreshing kick to a beverage. Plus, it’s a great choice for fighting off bacteria
and stomach issues.
3. Massage Oil: Peppermint oil soothes, cools and refreshes, it’s the perfect ingredient for massage oils. Dilute
several drops in almond or other carrier oil of choice. For bonus relaxation, add Lavender EO and Eucalyptus
4. Feet Scrub: Peppermint oil makes a great addition to an exfoliating foot scrub to give your feet a treat.
5. Relieve Muscle and Joint Pain: Mix with a carrier oil and rub 2-3 drops into the area of concern 3 times daily.
6. Provide Sinus Relief, Seasonal Allergy Relief and other Respiratory Benefits: Mix with a carrier oil and rub 2-3
drops on temples, chest and back of the neck.
7. Alleviate headaches: Mix with a carrier oil and rub 2-3 drops on temples, forehead and back of the neck.
8. Improve IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) symptoms: Mix with a carrier oil and rub 2-3 drops on abdomen
area OR drink 1-2 drops with a glass of water.
9. Freshen Breath and Support Oral Health: Add 1 drop to toothpaste or add 1 drop to a glass of water and
10. Promote Hair Growth and Reduce Dandruff: Add 2-3 drops to your shampoo or conditioner and rub into
your scalp while showering.
11. Relieve Itchiness: Mix with coconut oil 1:1 and rub onto the area of concern OR add 5-10 drops to a warm
water bath.
12. Repel Bugs Naturally: Mix with carrier oil and rub on exposed areas.
13. Reduce Nausea: Add 1 drop to a glass of water OR rub 1-2 diluted drops behind the ears.
14. Improve Skin Health: Mix with lavender oil 1:1 and dilute with a carrier oil and apply to area of concern.
15. Provide Sunburn Protection and Relief: Mix 2-3 drops with half teaspoon coconut oil and apply to skin.
16. Dog Flea Repellent: It’s recommended using peppermint oil topically for dogs by adding it to dog-friendly

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